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“Making the choice to become a mother is choosing to be better,

to love more, to want more for someone else and, most of all, to give”.

Elinor Koffler


Hi! my name is Elinor and I'm the founder of Take Me Home.

Our story began when I was pregnant with my baby boy, Geffen. 

Like all moms to be I was searching the web for the perfect pieces for my baby's first collection. Surprisingly I didn't find what I was looking for.I was looking for elegant and stylish baby clothes, soft and simple textile with no patterns and defiantly no cartoons.

Making a long story short, we created a collection that is made for babies, and yet, designed for moms.

Take Me Home Collection was created especially for moms.

I wanted to put mothers in the center of my creative process in order to create a product that meets our needs.

The classic and stylish line has been carefully designed to give maximum comfort for babies.

Take Me Home offers 11 items crafted from blends of fabrics tailored for newborns up to the age of one.

The collection was created in collaboration with Elinor Koffler and Minene.

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